Sunday, February 20, 2011

A brief taste of what I'm working on:

Today I was swamped by trying to read a chapter for Psych and finish up The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for American Lit II, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have the first in a nice series of photo narratives of our cemetery walks.  There are some important folks buried on the east side of San Antonio.

For now, though, I will provide this teaser:

I have no clue who this fellow was.  Other than the family name, there are no identifying markers to this monument, and there are a good many Chittims buried in that plot (plus, strangely, another behind it marked with the same  name, but empty).  I can't make a good guess at which of the male Chittims it is, as no one's head stone stands out hugely from the others.


BobG said...

I'm thinking he's probably this guy.

Sabra said...

I bet you're right, thank you! I'll be sure to put that in the post on that cemetery.