Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not all deaths are created equal, I suppose

Remember me asking what was so special about the Tucson shooting?

Well, what's so un-special about this?

11 Officers Shot in 24 Hours

Now, I realize that this is one of the possible outcomes when you pursue a career as a police officer.  I also realize that it's really not that common.  Another one of the stories that I am constantly retelling goes like so: A Secret Service agent visited my Russian I class back in high school and told us that, back in his days as a State Trooper, it wasn't getting shot he worried about, it was getting run over.  (And I can buy that, seeing as very late last week we had two officers hit by drunk drivers in separate incidences on the same stretch of road, within  hours of one another.)

I also realize that this wasn't eleven law enforcement officers being shot in one fell swoop, and that not all of them died (praise God!/(insert deity of your choice)), but  still.  This is far more indicative of a possible problem than a lone crazydude shooting up a gathering of folks.

And yet, we're not hearing about it on anywhere near  the level we did the Tucson shooting.  No one is calling for a toning down of the rhetoric directed at the police (not that I'm saying they should).  The President isn't addressing the topic, nor is Congress.  Hell, no one's even blaming Sarah Palin.

Par for the course, eh?  I'm sure the only people we'll hear about this topic from are those who want to use it as an excuse for a gun grab.  Of course, the real answer--keeping violent criminals the hell off the street, rather than paroling them--is not going to fall from anyone's lips.


JD said...

I can think of a few reasons this won't get covered. Mainly due to the news folks backing the gun grabbers and this is not good news for them.

How can they take away magazines that the cops use saying we don't need them when you can show the cops have problems defending themselves from these thugs with all that ammo in the gun, so why wouldn't a civilian.

Second, if you show that the thugs think nothing of shooting an armed cop, how can you tell the civilian that he can wait for the cops to save him? The cops are having problems saving themselves so we civilians are on our own. . .

And if they will shoot a cop, why wouldn't the shoot the civilian they are robbing? This pust a few holes in the just give them what they want theory . . give them your money and get shot anyway is more like it. . .

No, this is a scary trend that shows civilians must be armed and able to care for themselves, not the news the gun grabbers want out there at all. . . .

SpeakerTweaker said...

Hell, no one's even blaming Sarah Palin.

Good thing I wasn't drinking when I read that.


Anonymous said...

St. Pete also has a problem with drug dealers, which I'd wager might be part of this problem, but that's just me.

Just found your blog by way of Borepatch. Read a few more posts, and you're so added to the blogroll.