Thursday, January 27, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

One of the classes I am taking this semester is The Bible as Literature.  It is a secular class, much to the apparent confusion of a few.

One of our weekly assignment is to present to the class (online) two Items of Interest, which are Biblical references we see somewhere out in the world.

It is from that assignment that I bring you the following:

I saw a shirt that someone had that kinda went against what the bible teaches. It said "Do what thou wilt"

Thats kind of like how nikes slogan is "Just do it" or burger kings "Have it your way."

It's like the more i look around, the more i keep seeing things that go against God's will. There was a "Crown Royal" billboard that had the caption "drink like you need an excuse" or something like that. How vulgar! to push such ideas to the public. No wonder why people have wondered away from God's word, they're too busy trying to chase their ambitions and pleasures :/ Smh

Of course, my pagan readers are now having the exact same facepalm moment I did upon reading it.

And yes, he is an absolute little ray of sunshine in all his interactions with the class so far, just as one might imagine.

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suz said...

Damn, Girl! If he knows God's will, send him my way! That's some inside info I could really use!