Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Someone didn't get the memo!

Went to campus today to take my final exam for Intro to Science Fiction and left all without realizing what was going on: apparently, there was a lockdown of the campus from 1230 to 1315.

Why, you ask?

Because there was an armed robbery in Loftin Student Center.

Here's a partial map of the campus; I've marked Loftin (poorly) with bright pink.  It's about in the middle of the campus:

In a different shade of pink, over in the right bottom corner of the map, is the Campus Police building.  It's not a huge campus, but the distance is still pretty significant.  Granted, the suspect helpfully walked toward campus police by allegedly heading in the direction of Nail Technical Center, which was apparently the building actually locked down.

One guy held up two people.  In the freaking student center.  Now, it's finals week, so there aren't as  many people on campus as there usually are. But still.  The student center.  The very, very open student center.  Which is, even during finals week, crawling with students.  And employees.  The notation on the press release that there were "no major injuries" hints to me that there WERE injuries.

This could have been bad.  Really bad.  Because, in spite of what Joan Peterson apparently thinks, understanding that the same laws apply to all (y'know, that whole "no guns on campus" thing) apparently doesn't mean the law will be adhered to.

But according to the school paper, guns should not be allowed on campus.  Because that would create an environment of fear.  I'm sure no one was scared today!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty scary. I work on a campus and it hacks me off that I can't carry. What really hacks me off more is that they inhibit me from protecting myself to and from work as well because we aren't supposed to have them in our vehicles either. Like you said...sure works well doesn't it?

Albatross said...

There's been a rash of violent behavior on SAC lately. Be careful out there.

Sabra said...

Albatross, thankfully I am taking courses online this year. Today was only my second time on campus all semester. The criminals are certainly getting bolder; the previous incidences I've gotten e-mail about all took place either just off campus or on the outskirts of campus.

Charlene said...

Sunday a man shot his wife in their home, and then shot himself.

Tonight an armed police officer was shot.

Last week the grandson of the man who had shot a kid throwing rocks at his car last summer, was shot. He bled out and was found 15 hours or so later.

Friday a man shot his mother and girlfriend in his home and fled.