Friday, December 31, 2010

Some people just need killing.

I've thought that a whole bunch of times, but I don't think I've put it on my blog before.

In this case, it fits: Police: Suspect admitted dumping body in Christmas killing.

I'm not going to go into details, partly because there weren't many, but mostly because the whole thing made me hold Marie a little tighter.  Short version is, woman kidnapped this boy from his home Christmas Eve and killed him.  Yes, he was home alone, but he was twelve.  Twelve-year-olds should be able to be home alone.  (And should be trained to use a readily-accessible weapon, too, but I digress.)

I feel horrible for this kid's mother, not only because she lost her son on Christmas Eve, but because she unwittingly brought him to the notice of his killer, having moved in with a friend of the woman who killed him earlier this month, after separating from her husband.  She was trying to protect him from her husband, who'd just slapped him.  No way either of the women could have known this would happen, really.  Crazy child killers don't typically sport forehead tattoos to that effect.  But I'm a mother myself, so I  know she will carry guilt with her the rest of her life.

This was yet another murderer with an extensive criminal history.  Funny how crime, much like drug addiction, seems to escalate over the years--so far as anyone seems to know, this woman didn't really have any violent crimes in her past (the article mentions terroristic threatening, but that's as close as it comes).  The article does say that police are now looking to see if she might be responsible for other murders.

But like I said to begin with, some people just need killing.  You off a child, they should take you out in the street and shoot you like the rabid dog you are.  Might not be a deterrent, but it's as close to justice as we'll manage while it's not kosher to execute murderers using the same techniques they used on their victims.

And as a humongous aside, what the fuck is with leaving half the article out of the print edition of the paper?  How is that supposed to help end the decline in circulation?  Seriously, it wasn't until I went to check the web version of the article for something that I realized the stepfather had indeed been abusive--I figured it was likely, but didn't know for certain.

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Mattexian said...

In an aside to your aside, I have the opposite problem: I go to read an article online, and find it cut off with "read the rest of this in our print edition"... WTF?!? Where am I supposed to find a day-old paper, beside the library (if they'd be open, given those cutbacks)?

Frankly, if we can't just shoot the bastids, I wish sometimes we could surgically castrate/sterilize them so we don't have to worry about their offspring continuing any "family tradition."