Sunday, December 12, 2010

I guess that's the difference between number one and number four.

I'm so proud of myself.  I've actually gone to church two weeks in a row now.

There is another mama there with a newborn girlie.  If I recall correctly, she is about 3 weeks older than Marie.  Cute little thing.

We gather around the table (we lack a proper altar at the CAYA service) for Communion, and today I was standing across the way from the other mama; last week we were perpendicular to one another.

Both weeks this other baby girl has been just dressed to the nines.  It's sweet.  Poor little thing is as bald as my older three were at that age.  Mama had her in little white tights and a little skirt and a little cardigan.  It was absolutely adorable.  She had on a very similar outfit last week.

Me, I had Marie in jammies both weeks.

I was telling my mother this afternoon, I guess that's the difference between your first baby and your fourth.  Not that I care less than I did.  I've just given up on people realizing I've got a daughter from her clothes.

(On a sidenote, back in my bald baby days I used to think that maybe if I had a hairy kid she'd be more obviously female.  Nope.  Everyone still thinks she's a boy.  It seems that the more of one sex you have, the more people think the androgynous-appearing baby must be the opposite sex.  It doesn't work that way, y'all.  It's a roughly 50/50 chance each and every time.)


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people assume it's a certain sex anyway. You'd think they'd, y'know, ASK what it was before assuming anything.

Albatross said...

You'd think they'd, y'know, ASK what it was before assuming anything.

You'd think. But, then again, with our first child, what I was surprised the most by was when people would come up to our three-day-old baby and think it was OK to just start touching him without asking or even making eye contact with us first.

Newborns make adults stupider. At least for a while.

Sabra said...

Yeah, people touch the baby all the time. Usually right before chiding me for having her out in public so young.

And even my older girls still get random touches. The whole "blonde children are lucky" thing.

Anonymous said...

You are right...being pregnant or having a newborn brings out some strange behaviors in folks:

1) strangers touching my stomach while pregnant!
2) strangers wanting to touch my babies!
3) assuming the gender because of the amount of hair!
4) the best one has to be the idiot that asks a woman when she is due...assuming her belly is a reflection of pregnancy rather than too many brownies. Seriously, does anyone ever ask a man with a big belly when he's due?