Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blood on their hands

I'm a "friend" of Neal Boortz on Facebook; he updates via Twitter even when he's not doing his show.  He just posted this article, saying "If you don't already know I'll be screaming about this on Monday morning ... than you don't know me at all."

Trooper shooting suspect released 3 times this year over objections

Take a second to let that sink in, even before clicking the link.  Gregory Favors shot Chadwick LeCroy three times, in the face.  Had he not been repeatedly released this year, had even one magistrate had some balls, then LeCroy would be alive today.

One of Erik's favorite memes is "if they're too dangerous to trust with a gun, they're too dangerous to be on the streets", and you know what?  He's right.  This guy has long arrest record--since "the 1990s", he's been arrested 18 times (well, 19 now).  That's damn near twice a year, though probably more often if he ever actually did jail time.  Moreover, he had a history of violence against the police, and even more of a history of running.  He was obviously a danger and a flight risk, but at least two different judges failed to connect the dots.

Those dots go like this:
  • Arrested in February after a low speed chase, while on probation
  • Released on bond against recommendation in March
  • Warrant issued after non-appearance in April
  • Arrested in June after a foot chase and resisting arrest
  • Detained because of probation violation and pending charges
  • Released in July because the arresting officer didn't show for court (apparently, in Atlanta, having a warrant out for your arrest isn't actually probable cause to arrest you)
  • Given a 30-day jail sentence and then more probation in July
  • Arrested 10 Dec after foot chase and an altercation resulting in injury to the arresting officer
  • Released, again over objections, 13 December on a signature bond (this time because he supposedly wasn't brought before a magistrate quickly enough--of course, he was arrested on a Friday and appeared before the court on a Monday)
  • Murdered a Georgia State Trooper just over two weeks later
What the fuck? 

I was listening to Boortz's show on the 'Net yesterday, and Favors's attorney was on the news saying that his client was a "scared young man."  Cry me a river, dude.  I've got a real good cure for that fear, and I'm sure y'all can guess what it is. 


TOTWTYTR said...

Gee and I thought teh stupid was only in MA. The day after Christmas a guy who had just been paroled from serving THREE consecutive life sentences for armed robbery shot and killed a police officer who responded to another armed robbery by this guy.

That's right, three consecutive life sentences, and the morons on the parole board believed him when he told them how sorry he was for his prior actions.

The only good news, if you want to call it that, is that the criminal was also fatally shot.

Two accomplices were also arrested, but one was released on $1,000.00 cash bail.

I hate this state.

Anonymous said...

Ironically I just read an article in the local news about a guy that tried to out run the cops last night...he had 21 felony arrests and 14 felony convictions. Just like the guy you are talking about, what the heck are they doing out in public!

Anonymous said...

Favors's attorney was on the news saying that his client was a "scared young man."

Probably because he lost his Bible on the way to his weekly devotional. Yeah, that's gotta be it.