Friday, November 05, 2010

Women still don't need guns.

You know that saying, the one about how it's more moral to be raped than to explain your attacker's body to the police?  Sarcastic, of course, but I couldn't help thinking of it when I read this:

'Text Message Rapist' Timothy West acquitted of rape despite apology secretly recorded by cops.

The Ozone Park waitress said she didn't fight West because she was afraid of his knife and feared he would kill her and her family.

She said she pretended to be friendly and gave West her phone number, asking him to text her later, hoping the ruse would allow police to nab him.

Her brother called 911 right after West left her home. The Applebee's waitress could be heard weeping in the background.

West texted her that evening, and she got him to phone her. Cops recorded the whole thing and prosecutors played the chilling tape for the jury.

On the tape, she asked: "You just broke into my house, yo. I've never seen you before...You try to rob me, then you rape me. Why you did that to me?"

"I do apologize from the bottom of my heart," he told her. "You mad at me?"

The victim's mother broke into tears at her Ozone Park house, saying, "I don't feel safe now ."
(emphases mine, of course)

So, she did everything just the way she was supposed to do.  She didn't fight back, she gave him what he wanted, she allowed the police and the justice system to take it from there...

And he was acquitted.  Because there were no signs of forced entry (as if such is necessary for unlawful entry).  Even though he essentially admitted to doing it in the recorded apology.

But yeah, good thing she didn't have a gun.  'Cause then someone could've gotten killed.  (Nevermind that sometimes that's the whole freaking point.)


the pistolero said...

Isn't New York just lovely?

mupedalpusher said...

A woman at work asks me questions once in a while about my choice to defend myself. She is blown away (no pun intended) that I confidently state that in no uncertain terms I will defend myself with a gun or any other weapon I might be able to get my hands on. Is there an option?