Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Well, no, Nico. It wasn't. *updated*

Nico LaHood doesn't quite grasp why he lost the District Attorney race:

“I think this is a referendum on Washington D.C.,” he said. “This is not a reflection of what you've done or your commitment to me”

Actually, the answer can probably be found here:

“It's the first time I've had a criminal run against me,” [Reed] said, “and I don't think our community would ever want someone involved in drug trafficking to lead them.”

Don't get me wrong: I am no Susan Reed fan.  From "inadvertently" buying stolen airplane tickets to intervening when a friend of her son was caught at the airport with a loaded gun, lily white she ain't.  (And there are other stories, several of 'em, that I simply can't remember off the top of my head.)

And yet somehow the Democrats thought that running an admitted former drug dealer against her was a good idea.  Mind you, LaHood isn't exactly the "turned my life around" poster child--he's the son of a judge, and it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that opened doors for him that are nailed shut for other former low-level drug dealers who want to work anywhere north of McDonald's.

I wonder about Democrats.  Especially Texas Democrats.  Especially in this election cycle.  LaHood wasn't the only candidate who should have been an outright joke.  I mean, shit, look at Bill White.  Seriously.  Rick Perry's an Evil Rich White Guy, according to the Left in this state...So exactly what was Bill White?  According to his own freaking campaign website, before being elected mayor of Houston, "he ran one of the region's most successful businesses" and "helped build and manage one of the nation's most successful law firms."  I mean, really.  Those were the top choices.  Two businessmen-turned-politicians.  Bill White looked like a total ass attacking Perry's money--and Perry looked like a total ass attacking White's.  The only difference is, Perry has never pretended to be anything but, well, Rick Perry.  Yes, yes, he is an elitist asshole.  But at least he's honest about it.

And this is proof that they just don't get it, from this morning's Facebook feed.  If the local judicial system just got worse, it's because Democrats thought it would be a good idea to run an admitted criminal for District Attorney.  I mean, let's think about this a minute, folks.  What does the District Attorney do?  Prosecute criminal cases.  So why would a criminal be considered a good fit for the job?  Are Democrats really this stupid?


Mattexian said...

I used to say that I'd prefer to deal with a Texas Democrat over a New F'ing York Republican, until I found out that any Democrat who wants the endorsement of the national party have to take a "loyalty oath" to support *any other* Democrat candidate, no matter how personally offensive that candidate's views and attitudes are. As an example, no Texas Democrat in his or her right mind would have a position in favor of gun control, but almost every other Democrat has that as a platform position. As much as I didn't like some of what GoodHair did, at least he realized his mistakes in trying to push his agenda, when it upset his supporters (re: Trans Texas Corridor and mandatory vaccines for school-age girls, for a disease that they may or may not come down with, from a vaccine that has not been around long enough to know of any long-term side effects). Perry knew that if he did anything else to upset Texans, he would be unemployed soon!

Albatross said...

I believe people can change and redeem themselves, and I wish Nico LaHood all the best and all the success he can accomplish in any endeavor he pursues. He could even wind up as a fine upstanding citizen who is an asset to the larger community.

I just don't want him as the county's head prosecutor.