Monday, October 11, 2010

I am trying not to be insensitive.

So I will post here instead of on Facebook where feelings will likely be hurt.

With all the random crap that is floating around Facebook lately, all the chain-letter status updates, it's very tempting to make my status for today

On this day I remember all the dead gay babies with breast cancer who were conquered by Christopher Columbus.

I'm not sure even that would cover everything.

There comes a time when, no matter how much you might agree with a certain issue (eg, equal rights for homosexuals), all the sanctimoniousness gets overwhelming.  It's getting annoying folks.  Really.

For one day, you will "donate your status" to gay rights.  Great.  What the fuck are you doing the rest of the year?  (I'm noticing that my gay and bisexual friends are not "donating" their statuses--I guess if you're having gay sex that's enough support for the gays.)  Certain of my Facebook friends who are also blogging friends I know for a fact are huge supporters of gay rights, and they're not participating in this silliness.

I'm not going to opine on the "where I put my purse" meme that's supposedly for breast cancer awareness, save to quote author Ilona Andrews:

People, please stop sending me messages about how chain letters disguised as cute games help breast cancer awareness. My mother died of breast cancer, I'm aware of it. There's nothing cute about cancer, and posting cryptic messages about your purse doesn't empower you against it. You want to spread breast cancer awareness, urge your friends to get regular mammograms. Which reminds me, I need to schedule mine.

As for the dead babies...Well, I have sympathy there.  I know that even a "simple" miscarriage is devastating, and I can only vaguely grasp the pain of a stillbirth.  I fully appreciate the desire to come out of the shadows on the topic, as it were.  I just feel it's far, far too important for a cookie-cutter status update.  If you've lost a pregnancy or a baby, why not advocate for openness on the issue by, you know, openly discussing it?

Or is that not what Facebook is about?


the pistolero said...

is that not what Facebook is about?

No! It's all about being alternately cutesy and passive-aggressive! You know this! ;-)

Mattexian said...

I can certainly sympathize with Ilona Andrews; I'm plenty aware of breast cancer, after my aunt finally died from it this last January. When she revealed to the family that she was in the final stages last fall, I made several trips up there to visit, so I got "one more" Thanksgiving and Christmas with her. I'm still a little bitter about it, in that she decided to NOT take any treatment for it, instead filing a Living Will to be kept comfortable and pain-free, after she'd seen how her friends suffered during their treatments and choosing no part of that.

Kinda hard to NOT be aware of it after that.

Dave said...

Thank you. I had no idea what that purse thing was about - and apparently, my wife who was playing along with it didn't either. She thought it was supposed to be some trick on husbands or something. Whatever.

suz said...

Amen! I want to keep up with my cousins and college pals. I follow a few "activist" pages, but I'm tired of a few posts an hour instead of a few a day. It's like junk mail. I did get a kick out of the one that said to celebrate Columbus day by walking into someone else's house and telling them you're going to live there now. And thanks for tho 411 on the damn purse thing!

Albatross said...

The breast-cancer-awareness effort has jumped the shark. It happened exactly when the Express-News printed the Sunday comics in all pink.

Charlene said...

I'm on Facebook and have a very good friend who posts when he goes to the bread store or the coffee shop or the mall, running errands. When I ask why he does this he says: "My life is an open book!"

His gf is on Facebook and puts "like" on these posts.

I've known this guy a long time and know he lives a very compartmentalized life. She doesn't know this.

So 2 people who would seem to love each other are playing passive aggressive games.

Tam said...

"On this day I remember all the dead gay babies with breast cancer who were conquered by Christopher Columbus."

I LOL'ed. Hard. :D