Monday, October 04, 2010

Also from "The Sun Rises in the East" Department:

Men are more likely to experience orgasm when vaginal intercourse is involved, while women are more likely to reach orgasm when they engage in variety of acts, including oral sex, said researcher Debra Herbenick, lead author of the section about women's sex lives.
New Survey on Sex in US, Biggest Since 1994.

I've always said that mismatch of anatomy is definitive proof God is male.

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Charlene said...

That was a fascinating study. The local paper had an article about it and so did the NY Times.

I though the 7% admitting they were gay as the last study way 5% but I think it's because homosexuality is more mainstream. Also 14% of women over 30 have had sex with another woman and 13% of men have had sex with another man. In both those percentages it was oral.

Also, evidently people over 50 are more likely to have multiple partners. Does this mean that young people are more monogomous?