Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weighing in on the most important issue of the day

As seen here, here,  and of course here.  And undoubtedly other places I'm missing.

I mean chili, of course.  Don't know enough to weigh in on the rest of it.

Here's my dirty-Texas-secret:

I'll take it either way.  Con carne or con frijoles.

So long as you're eating chili and not profaning it by using it as a topping for rice or, God forbid, spaghetti.  Seriously, Cincinnati, what the fuck? 

But I'm a chili whore.  I'll make it any old way, so long as I get to eat it afterward.  Usual is ground chuck, kidney beans, and a can o' diced tomatoes and green chilis, plus of course garlic and a butt-ton of chili powder.  (Woe betide those who buy prepackaged chili seasonings.) 

Breda's right that we Texans will argue over it, though.  As a child I went to a meeting of the Bexar County Cave Rescue Society with my uncle.  The business part of the meeting lasted fifteen minutes.  The ensuing argument over whether the communal chili at the next outing should have beans or not lasted an hour or more.  (It's a fallacy to presume that Texas chili = no beans, by the way.)

The most trying time I had making chili was when I was married to my ex-husband and he invited a local (from Gruene) friend of his over for dinner.  Cutter--I still don't remember the man's actual name--mentioned casually as I was driving him to our apartment for dinner that his grandmother had been a chili cook-off champion.  Nevermind that my own father won the chili cook-off in his area 'til they kicked him out--this was the big time.  I had to not screw it up.  Luckily, I had not used beans that night!  (Ground chuck, ground pork, & ground turkey, for the record, plus tomatoes & assorted seasonings.)  He pronounced it good--which is tantamount to a rave from someone of lesser lineage.

My husband will eat it however, so long as I cook it.  Though I did have to have a stern discussion with him when he brought home a can of chili with beans to use on Frito pie.  The horror!

So those are my chili stories.

As for Glock v. 1911--well, y'all know who my husband is, and I wanna get some tonight, so my answer is obvious.


Albatross said...

Mmmmmmm..... Frito pie!

Can't get enough!

As for Glock v. 1911--

Pfft! Beretta 92F, all the way!

Bob S. said...

I agree with you on the subject, although it's fun to argue.

I'll eat chili with or without beans....but in my opinion it is best without beans.

Definitely should be cause for a caning to put chili with beans on Frito Pie.

Of course, we can get into really esoteric arguments like the proper cheese to top chili with.

I'm partial to sharp cheddar myself

Sabra said...

Bob, I am fairly certain sharp cheddar is the most correct answer, but I was eying the queso fresco at HEB earlier. Tempting...

the pistolero said...

I figured prepackaged chili seasonings would be enough to get you thrown out of Texas... ;-)

BobG said...

Don't forget the Rotel.
Instead of chili powder, I prefer making my own mix, toasting and grinding them myself. I use a mix of anchos, quajillos, cascabels, and chipotles.

Dave said...

I like it either with or without as well. My wife makes an awesome chili (with beans) that is perfect for Frito pie or throwing on top of some hot dogs. On the other hand, I do enjoy the multiple meat varieties with loads of spicy goodness available when people hold those little chili cook-off fund raisers at work. Lots of talent here in town.