Friday, August 20, 2010

A quick history lesson

From yesterday's letters-to-the-editor in the Express-News:

Not just no, hell no

I'm a German-Mexican born in Mexico. Many Americans are harping about the legality of Mexican babies born here. “Change the law,” these critics say. “Make it illegal for the babies to be American citizens.”
Get this straight: About 170 years ago, the U.S. stole more than half of Mexico. Is that legal? Hell no!
And now the Mexican babies who are born in a country that used to be theirs are declared Americans.
Is that illegal? Hell no!
J.H. Kurz
It sounds to me as though Mr. Kurz needs a history lesson.

Let me provide it:

About 170 years ago there was a war.  We won.  That means the land is ours.

Otherwise, the land you claim we stole from Mexico, Mexico actually stole from Spain.


Charlene said...

Spain, as well as other countries with claims to the land that became Texas, didn't show up until the 1500's. Before that the land was that of natives. So it would appear that "we" were originally immigrants, if you are white and of European origin. Of course almost all of us originated in Africa. Last I heard the origin of humans was entirely in Africa. This may change if humanoid bones pre-tool are found elsewhere on the planet.

The first American citizen to settle in land that is now Texas did so a few years after our Declaration of Independence. That man was an emigrant since the land had been by then claimed by Spain. Mexican Texas was independent from Spain by 1821 and Mexicans encouraged immigration from the US. Of course before long there were more US immigrants on the land than natives.

If Mexicans would like to take a genetic DNA test, we would have the answer to where "they" originated. My guess the Mexican people are mongrels much as all Americans are.

What history of Texas tells us is it was native land, then it was Spanish land, then it was Mexican land, then it was taken over and became American land. If this were the Middle East, it would be a disagreement over "right of return" not immigration.

Sabra said...

You went into much more detail than I did, and of course you are right.

For some reason, the fact that American immigration to Texas was not just legal but encouraged is often left out of discussions about our history. (For that matter, the first German immigrants to Texas came when we were still part of Mexico, IIRC.) I suppose that would spoil the "white people stole the land" meme that's so popular these days.

I don't think there's a country in existence today whose borders/sovereignty would not be changed if we threw out the results of the wars which have taken place even over the past two centuries.

Borepatch said...

Of course, the Aztecs stole the land from the tribes that were there before then.

I wait in breathless anticipation for Sr. Kurz to arbitrate actual title to the land.

BobG said...

I keep hearing how my state (Utah) was stolen from Mexico. Like I've told those people, when the Mormons first came here, they didn't find anyone here who spoke Spanish.