Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cleansing the gene pool

Erik and I drove past the scene of this last night while going to HEB.  I took it initially for a wreck, then saw the crime scene tape and, when we were almost past, the SUV in the field.  Given the proximity to the grocery store, I remember saying I really hoped no one had been walking when the vehicle hopped the curb.

The man was driving a blue SUV along FM 1976 near Eisenhauer Road with two friends just after 6 p.m. when he unexpectedly pointed the weapon at his head and made a comment in jest before pulling the trigger, police said.

The passengers, who were unhurt, told police that moments earlier the man had tried to remove the gun's bullets when a police cruiser passed by, leading him to panic.
 As I told my husband, "This is what happens when you violate all Four Rules at once."

And while it can't technically go into JayG's Dead Goblin Count, the whole "panicking and trying to unload the gun" thing, followed by the passengers fleeing the scene, hints to me that this fellow wasn't exactly Johnny Upstandingcitizen.  One wonders how many files the BCSO can shrug and close right now.


Charlene said...

Good post. I read a few. They all seem to be good posts. SMILE

Now as to crocheting and knitting, there isn't a debate here. All I have to say is tatting is an insane thing that is practiced by small covens of tightly wound women, in the corner, in the dark, after midnight.

JD said...

Well, JayG may not be able to use it for the goblin count, but this nut should get listed for a Darwin Award. . . .