Thursday, June 03, 2010

Still missing the point

I was listening to Joe Pags last evening out of sheer boredom and he had on a woman who finished up talking about the oil spill and moved on to talking about the possible repeal of DADT.

"Why does anyone have to talk about their sexual preferences?  I don't wanna hear about that sort of thing!"

Yeah.  Because that's why gays want to serve openly in the armed forces.  So they can talk about their sexual preferences.  We must retain DADT so that our Army doesn't grind to a halt with male soldiers suddenly standing up in the Humvee and saying "I like dick!"

Really.  Or, worse, a gay soldier might turn to the dude beside him and say "Hey, I got a letter from my boyfriend!  And he sent cookies!"  Because, you know, no one wants to hear that.

As we all know, heterosexual soldiers/sailors/etc don't ever talk about sex and sexual preferences and the anatomy of their wives/girlfriends/chick they picked up at the bar night before last.


Nevermind that there was a time when the entire torpedo division of the USS Boise knew my bra size.  It's OK for a hetero sailor to say something along the lines of "My wife's tits are so big she has to special order her bras!"  That's totally different.

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Dave said...

Thank you!

And I'm sorry everyone on the USS Boise knew your bra size. But Air Force guys would have wanted pictures as proof!