Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They still don't get it

And, of course, they think we don't:

I'm not entirely certain to whom the credit for this belongs; it's something else I found via StumbleUpon.  However, I've seen quite a few variants on it; certainly the sentiment isn't  unique.

It's aimed at the Tea Partiers, of course, and shows yet again what happens when you filter all information to fit your preconceived notions (funny, I thought we were the ones who did this).

Very few of us are complaining about the existence of the government itself.  Nor are we necessarily complaining about the existence of taxes (y'all know I love the Fair Tax, right?).  What we are complaining about is an overlarge government with its attendant out-of-control spending and overreaching.  What we are complaining about is a tax burden which disproportionately impacts the very people the Democrats claim to care for--our current tax structure huts  the folks in the lowest tax bracket one hell of a lot more than it does someone like Warren Buffet, who pays very little income tax because most of the money he gets isn't classified as income.  (You know this.  I know this.  Too few liberals do--Buffet himself promotes how little he pays in taxes as evidence the tax system favors the rich.  It does--just not in the way he claims.)

The issues the Tea Party has with the .gov are, in other words, much more complicated and nuanced than these editorial cartoons/images would have the general public believe.  I've yet to meet a single conservative or libertarian unwilling to explain their pet issues to Joe Blow off the street; it's the Left which evidently feels the need to boil things down to something only vaguely related to what we really believe, a relationship so tenuous it exists solely because of two shared words.

You know, I was pregnant with my oldest child when Sept 11th happened, and I remember worrying about the scary world I was going to bring her into.

The world I'm going to bring my fourth child into is one hell of a lot scarier.


peter said...

AMEN sister. It is a scary world out here now. They need a variation of that cartoon. If you hate living in a republic, move to Iran, dipshit. These people are ridiculous. Unfortunately I have no faith that things will get better. In the old days, Rush used to say that the American people would pick the conservative every time. That doesn't seem to happen any more.

David said...

It's scary because we have systematically begun a downhill slide, adding more folks to the handout line, while the economy has decreased - also because we gave mortgages to anyone that had a heartbeat. This started in the Clinton years, and hits a crescendo 2 years ago. And to fix the debt, we spent more. DUH!

And no, I don't think we are safe. We've been very lucky the last two times. Horrific what happened Ft. Hood.

the pistolero said...

What we are complaining about is an overlarge government with its attendant out-of-control spending and overreaching.

Yep. It's almost as if the cartoonist is acknowledging that his idea of government is overreaching and out of control, and that small government is no government, Founders' ideals be damned.