Monday, May 31, 2010

It's almost too easy.

So some Israeli commandos follow through on that country's threat to prevent ships from breaking their blockade of Gaza, and when they and their paintball guns get the crap beat out of them, shit gets real and nine people (mostly Turks, so it seems) wind up dead.

Predictably, the international community shits itself 'cause the Israelis are mean. Protecting your national safety just isn't done, you know.

So I'm slogging through ninety zillion anti-Israeli headlines from a variety of news sources which StumbleUpon has chosen to sling at me today, and I come across this gem:

UN Rights Chief Slams Israel Storming of Relief Boat to Gaza

Huh, says I to myself.  Wonder what country she's from.  Answer's right there in the cutline: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights South African Navi Pillay gestures during a press conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.  (Emphasis mine.)

Oh.  South Africa.  A country known for its stellar human rights record.

Oh, wait...

Actually, South Africa is a country where gang rape is considered fun.  Despite laws meant to protect them, homophobia is still rampant.  Blacks and whites still hate each other.  Refugees from other African nations are apparently attacked on a regular basis, and police response is lacking.

But, yeah.  Israel shouldn't insist that aid bound for Gaza be inspected first.

What was that Jesus said about eyes & planks?


David said...

"It was walk that plank" I think.

In the end, Israel will have done everything they can to keep peace, including the use of force. They are never going to get the Arabs to agree to stop killing them. And I am certain they would be a little more docile if the other side would be too.

It's only retarded to play nice when the other guys have no intention of letting you live to see another day.

Joseph said...

Today, Hamas was noted as swearing revenge on Israel for an aircraft aircraft attack. That killed one of Hamas' senior rocket builders.

Said attack was in response to yet another rocket attack on Israel.

Somehow, the idea of "We are going to attack you because you defended ourselves from our attack" seems pretty ridiculous. In philosophy (and logic) I believe that is referred to as a circular argument.

Word to the wise: The whole Israeli-Arab conflict is for one reason: To keep certain political parties/movements in power. If the Arab countries were serious about taking care of the Palestinian people, they would have helped them long ago. (Side note: In 1948, Israel offered a two state solution. The offer was rejected. I'm not saying Israel is without fault, but, y'know, move on.)