Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't mind me...

I suck at keeping secrets. I have a big 'un at the moment (obligatory disclaimer: no, I am not pregnant). Mentally, I am going SQUEEE like a middle-schooler. Outwardly, I'm desperately trying to remain calm.

This is one of those secrets that will require several people to bring into fruition, and shortly it will become a bit of an open secret. My baby knows it, of course, and our best friends are down with it as well...Beyond that, who knows?

But that's what the ticker is for. :)


Anonymous said...

If I had been reading your blog longer, maybe I could guess.
I'll wait you out, you'll spill the beans soon enough.

Sure hope you and Nashville didn't decide to get back together.


Sabra said...

Ha! No, Nashville is gone for good. I will fess up no later than 19th March, and there will be pictures.

Albatross said...

... and there will be pictures.

Yeehaw! I can't wait. Just take care that you don't end up on Sorry I Missed Your Party.

Anonymous said...

You know I'll just have to check back fairly often...just to see if you CAN keep it secret till the 19th.