Sunday, October 04, 2009

What the hell, San Antonio?

Bexar County under flash flood watch.

More than 5.4 inches of rain fell at the San Antonio International Airport on Sunday between midnight and 8 a.m., breaking the rainfall record for the day set in 1942.

I totally missed this. Just...totally. I was on the phone with {redacted} last night from the time he got off work til about 0130. While we were talking, I noticed some lightning & thunder. But I was so damn tired by the time we finally shut the hell up I went right out.

So apparently I slept through the friggin' storm of the century. My mom & the girls were all woken up by it. Apparently there was much thunder and lightning and rain and wind enough to wake the trailer.

We even had a bit of flooding. My mother went to church this morning; she was given a ride to the bus stop by one of the neighbors. They did not go to our usual bus stop, but to one in the other direction. They couldn't go to the normal bus stop, because there was water over the road! There is a drainage ditch that runs alongside one edge of the trailer park. Usually we just get flash floods--it's over the road and then gone. Apparently this lasted a little while, although by the time the girls and I got out this afternoon it was gone.

I was a good little steward(ess) of my neighborhood. I kicked some random crap back into the ditch cleared some debris. There was a rather large piece of a tree wedged up against the bridge. I have no idea where it came from. The only trees in the part of the drainage ditch for as far as I can see are rather small. There's no way it came from in the ditch! Man, I thought that week's worth of rain a little while back was bad, but we didn't deal with the flood over here at that time.

And geez, if {redacted} can distract me this much over the phone, Imma be in trouble when he comes to visit!

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{redacted}? Sheesh, the names people give their kids these days...