Thursday, October 22, 2009


I had lunch today at Jack in the Box with my best friend, Mark, and older two girls. Being right after 3 o'clock, it was pretty dead, but the other occupied table happened to be right on the other side of a divider from us. Just one of those oddities.

Well, I am an inveterate eavesdropper. So we're eating and chatting and with one ear I'm listening to this gal at the other table talking about how something (I think she said a bus) his her in the shoulder and she dropped her then-four-month-old baby girl and when she took her to the hospital the state took her away and this and that and the other...Just a very odd story.

Mark's been out of town for a while. Just got back yesterday, in fact. So, of course, we were talking about the Pistolero.

I guess because of this, or perhaps just one of those random kid things, Bobbie (who was sitting beside me) piped up with "Mommy, I remember one of the Four Rules!"

Never being one to pass up a chance to reinforce safety, I said, "OK, Bobbie, what are they?"

"Guns are always loaded!" this point, the women at the next table went silent...

"All guns are always loaded. Good. What else?"

"Beware of what's behind your target!"

...they turned to stare...

(And yes, I corrected her.)

Now, granted, this was an odd place to be having the conversation, but really. Weirder than their convo? I think not. I honestly found their reaction hilarious. We left soon after, and Mark and I really had a hard time keeping straight faces until we were out the door.

(This was actually only one of a series of strange things about today. My favorite part that did not include my boyfriend was the deputy sheriff who walked past me with a smiley-face sticker on the butt of his gun.)

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TBeck said...

About five years ago my eldest girl (then five) made me proud. We were visiting an old friend's home after several years away and the girls were playing with some toys in the bedroom of one of his kids. Eldest comes out and says they found a gun and should I look at it? It was a wooden popgun with the cork on a string but it showed that the Eddie Eagle comic had done its job.