Sunday, September 06, 2009

This is either sublime or ridiculous.

So I'm sitting there in church today, listening to the sermon and crocheting and trying to corral the children, when I hear the door open and someone come in.

Now, the service I go to, we don't actually get to use the church for it. We're in the parish house, in Tom Gish hall, which is set up with a table/altar, some chairs, smaller tables, projection screen, etc. It's pretty laid back. After all, they put up with my kids boogie-ing in the corner on a regular basis.

Still, there are some things you don't think you'll see.

So I heard this noise of someone coming in and looked up to see who it was. It was Tony. Which actually didn't register at first. Because of what he was carrying: a pet carrier. So my first thought actually wasn't "Huh, I thought Tony had deployed already," it was "How is Jonathan going to work a small animal into the sermon?" Only then did it register who was carrying it.

I'm not sure what it says of me that as soon as I realized who it was bringing the carrier into the service that it all made perfect sense.

So Tony sat the carrier down and sat down, and I looked over to see what he had with him. He had two cats. One black. One white. Both very, very quiet, for which I was grateful. Not so much for the sake of the sermon, which was one of those eye-rollers (A battered woman came to you for help on a Sunday morning and you had to stop and think about it? Really? Good priest! No wonder you thought it was OK to compare Obama to God.), but mostly for the sake of my children and my sanity, because the last thing I wanted to deal with right then was three small, cat-crazy little girls catching sight of a pair of kitties.

Ever hear "Mississippi Squirrel Revival"? My imagination pictures something very similar, only with more claws & sharper teeth.

Still had to pull the girls away from the carrier during the Peace, though.

And I am not 100% certain whether bringing a brace of felines into the service is the coolest thing ever, or the weirdest.

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