Sunday, August 09, 2009

Late to the party as always

In a variety of ways...

Week before last, all three girls came home from Daddy's sick. It's a fucking evil little virus that has lingered, and has brought with it a lot of laundry as the kids were running out of both ends there for a while. (And they're all potty trained, so it's not like I could just throw diapers in the trash. I potty trained them pretty early for kids these days mainly because I hate dealing with shit, but some things you never get out of as a parent.) I think the last time anyone threw up was around Tuesday or Wednesday, but I'm not confident we're out of the woods yet.

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little woozy and it didn't take long to figure out I caught the bug late. Comes from telling Rob on Thursday that I seemed to have bypassed it. I don't get sick often. I hate being sick. I can usually power through it, so if I'm not laid out flat I don't count it. I'm laid out. I've been able to eat twice in as many days, and today was only three crackers with cheese, two plain crackers, and one bite of steak. I don't yark like the girls do; I deal with shooting stomach pains instead.

Anyhow. That wasn't meant to be the point of this blog post. The point of this blog post is supposed to be people everyone's been reading a hell of a lot longer than I have.

I'll link, even though I think these guys are on the blogrolls of my few regular readers anway.

First, I'll put my new favorite. The Pistolero at Live from the (upper) Texas Gulf Coast. I think he was actually at the blogshoot that I missed out on. I really love other Texas bloggers, and his taste in music is much like my own. So I check in on his blog several times a day, since not only does he post that often, he always responds to comments.

Second one here is Army of Dude. Alex is yet another Texas blogger. We rock. I should totally put up a second blogroll just of Texas dudes. He's a great photographer; his pictures from Iraq are just amazing. He's also the only guy on my blogroll I know for sure is a lefty like I am. I picked him up over at Murphy's place (my, that sounds a lot naughtier than it is!) & actually started reading him right around the time Murphy got me hooked on the now-defunct The War on Big Tobacco (one of those true guily pleasure blogs, by the way). I took too long to bookmark him, though, which embarrasses the hell out of me.

I'm stopping at three for tonight, with If you got deserved it. Cops have the best damn blog names. One of very few new-to-me blogs that I've actually gone back and read the archives of. Motorcop is hilarious and loves his wife and his job and that almost makes up for him being in California. (I've also started looking out for our own motorcops locally & have noticed you don't see them much outside of funeral processions. On that note, my prayers are with the local motorcycle cop who got hit escorting a funeral procession.)

And on that note, I think I'm going to go reorganize my blogroll.


the pistolero said...

Hey, thank you. :-) I try to make readers feel welcome and that it's not just a one-way conversation. I remember the blogshoot you're talking about; unfortunately I didn't make that one, although I will try to make the next one. Motorcop's blog looks pretty good...I'ma have to check out more of it later.

Sabra said...

I'm not as good at responding to comments as you are; I do think that's my favorite thing about your blog & I'm trying to get better at it.

the pistolero said...

And here I thought it was my rapier wit. ;-) I am kidding, of course. Usually I don't respond right away, but I get to 'em when I can. Oh, and I am a lefty too!