Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm doing my part for you old guys

Fair warning: I am in a silly mood at the moment and really ought to be going to sleep, but I'm posting instead. So, consider yourself warned.

The young man with whom I am corresponding is in fact forty-two years old. The way our birthdays are situated, he's slightly more than 12 years my senior. Or, to put it another way, he's been in the military since I was six or seven.

To be honest, I was a teenager the last time I found forty-something old. And I didn't find guys in my age group interesting even when I was in high school (though I did, briefly, have a boyfriend merely 2 years my senior). Still, there's always in the past been that mental block of about a decade, in no small part because middle-aged men have found me attractive ever since I was, oh, 15 or so. I could play coy about why I found this particular man interesting, but the truth is more amusing: in the first photograph I saw of him, he was armed with both an Evil Black Rifle and a 9mm. (Eventually I will force him to explain that pic to me, as he's not in a combat specialty.)

Why I continue to find the man interesting is much more prosaic. He's incredibly attractive, prone to hilarious non sequiturs (the absolute best of which is unprintable in this blog, even given my penchant for curse words), and the smartest man I have met in a good long while. Chances are it will go nowhere (I hope I am wrong about this); nevertheless he has officially ruined me for my own age group.

And yet I am not content to leave things at that...

I correspond online with a group of single mothers, several of whom are actively dating. One mama--two years younger than I--recently ended a whirlwind romance with a man around my ex-husband's age. One of his main problems (again reminding me of my ex) was that he is rather immature and childish--he expected to have a woman to do everything for him short of wiping his butt. And probably even that if he thought he could get away with it.

Ever irrepressible, I mentioned to her my recent penchant for older gentlemen, telling her pretty much what the good women at Mama Drama told me (back last year when I was briefly being pursued by a 45-year-old engineer). Chief among my arguments was this: by that age, the men and the boys have pretty well separated themselves out.

So yesterday I came to find out she has opened herself up to correspondence with a 4o-year-old gentleman, giving her the exact same age-spread. For bonus points he is even an Air Force veteran. She jokingly asked if I was proud of her for going for an older guy--why yes, yes I am. I am also now wildly amused by myself, and quite tempted to see if I can get other twentysomethings to go for fortysomethings as well. Just because.


TBeck said...

Forty-two divided by two is twenty-one. Twenty-one plus seven is twenty-eight. You're still in the game.

Now, me, I decided to go the cougar route. My wife is (counts on fingers) five months older than I am.

Texas Ghostrider said...

I too, goes the cougar route..... lol

Sabra said...

Well, y'all make me feel better about poaching in the older ladies' territory. ;)