Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I feel so manly.

Alternate title: my entertainment choices are now entirely dictated by the blogosphere.

Bought my copy of Monster Hunter International at Borders this afternoon. Haven't even gotten to the part where the main character throws his boss out the window (which I'm assuming happens within the first few pages), but I've already snickered at it so it's all good. Larry Correia just made, what seventy cents off me? That's almost enough for a cheeseburger at McDonald's. (Hell, I'm just proud I remembered how to spell his name. I thought Sabra was bad.)

Went and saw The Hurt Locker, because Alex told me it was good and shit if you can't take the word of a blogger you've never met or even e-mailed, who can you trust?

Don't answer that.

And...the movie was good. I went into it knowing it was gonna be shit technically, because of the review, but good other than that. And there were a couple of things that pegged even my civilian bullshit meter.

I won't pretend to review it here, 'cause his telling does a better job than mine. And I cannot come up with a better ratings system than burning cars.

But I can add that there was one scene, when the main character calls his wife, that got me, because I remember flat-out running for the phone every time it rang during a deployment. Can't take the chance of missing his call!

So, good movie. Even with the stretching of credibility. There was one little interchange in the midst of an improbable episode (after the magic fire extinguisher puts out the burning car) that--while utterly predictable--was still funny and effective. I like a movie that can do that. And I liked the ending, which totally made up for some eyerolling a few minutes before. It was also kind of predictable and kind of pat, and still managed to rise above itself.

Imma go scratch myself all man-like now.

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