Monday, August 03, 2009

At the risk of becoming "all dead people all the time"

This fucking rocks.

Eighteen years, people. Essentially two decades of uncertainty.

I remember LtCdr Speicher's story from when I was a child, of course. I know he was first listed as KIA, but there were still some questions.

I vaguely remember hearing about his status being changed to missing and thinking what a hellish thing that must be for his widow and her new husband (who, if I recall correctly, was a buddy of Speicher's). This is to say nothing of the emotional toll it had to have taken on his children.

It made me very happy to find this story this morning. We all know how it works. No one gets left behind if we can help it. I'm glad he'll be going home. Finally.

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Dave said...

I'm just glad it turns out that he was simply buried by some Bedouins out of respect as opposed to being something worse - we can all imagine what could have happened.

May he rest in peace and may the Speicher family have some closure.