Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gone Green.

Nope, I'm not turning into an eco-nutcase on y'all. I've turned the blog green for the time being because green is the color of the opposition in Iran.

Not only do I have no respect left for the President, I have no hope of ever respecting him again. It would cost NOTHING to say "We have grave concerns about the legitimacy of the election in Iran and urge a full, transparent, and honest recount in the presence of international election monitors."

Yeah, we all know any recount is likely to be bogus, and that no less stellar a personage than Jimmy Carter has already signed off on the fairness of at least one questionable election. But it would be something.

Something other than, you know, pretending that a country where women are arrested for fingernail polish and men are beaten for "Western" hair cuts has fair and honest elections and freedom of speech.

But then, what do we expect from the man who ignored the anniversary of the Tiannamen Square protests?

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