Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who stole my baby?

Seriously, y'all. Someone took this:

And replaced it with this:

Which is not, of course to say that there is anything wrong with the new version of Esther. Nope, she is still the same amazingly sweet, good-to-hug baby she's always been. It's just...

She's not a baby. Not anymore. She is a big toddler now: 3 years, 6 months, 5 days old. She's suddenly gained a couple of inches I think, and has somehow managed to lose the last of her babyness as far as her looks go.

I'm a little sad, can't lie. She's my youngest and no matter how badly I might want another baby or three, she's going to stay my youngest for a good long while, if not forever. So there is a bittersweet taste in the air when I sit down with her and realize how big she's getting.

Part of it is that she seemed to cling to babyhood much longer than the other two. A large part of this, of course, is that there's no follow-up baby behind her. Another large part is that it's easy to lose sight of the little changes that happen gradually; it's like time suddenly skipped & sped up and she grew six months overnight.

I'm so happy she's my girl.

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Hammer said...

I know it's a little hard watching them grow up so fast. My son is 12 now and growing like a weed. I always remember him as a little tyke.