Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just one more week.

One more week of classes: that is, three days. Then one week for finals, which thus far looks like two days but might also balloon out to three. Then I am off for the summer.

From school, anyway. I'm trying to find a summer job. I am somewhat constricted, as I can't really stand long amounts of time. But I have done clerical and customer service work before, so I am trying to find a temp job. Of course, none of the local temp agencies seem to have actual jobs available. I've already e-mailed the last guys I worked for. I really should call them, but they weren't very professional, so I don't see much point in killing myself to get on with them again. Seriously, there was one week that they simply forgot to pay folks. So I don't have much hope that they've got any work, despite their website having positions listed as available. (It hasn't changed. At all. Since 2007.) The folks I worked with before them aren't much better in the payroll department, or in the professionalism department, and even a check of their website provided nothing at all.

I have put in applications with two or three other local temp agencies. I'll be going through the want ads today & next week, but I really can't do much 'til I am done with finals, and most of these things are "start tomorrow"--actually, with the staffing agency before last, I started that night.

For all that SA's employment rate is much better than the national average, that doesn't mean jobs aren't evaporating here too. Just that fewer people are getting laid off.

Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about not qualifying for the full Pell Grant next year.

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BeautifulWreck said...

Sabra you inspire me. :)

I'm hoping to go back to school this summer.