Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm a dude!

At least, according to The Gender Genie I am.

It was a near one, though. Only 4 out of 7 posts mark me as a man to this, if I'm keeping track right. (I used the longer ones on the front page.) So if I'm wrong about one of them, I'm an hermaphrodite.

Actually, I confuse online gender tests all the time. The BBC can't figure out what the hell I am. SparkLife thinks I'm a guy. So does HackerFactor, which goes so far as to say I am a weak male, and therefore possibly European. Which is just fucking hilarious, on more than one level. Mike on Ads gets it right, and the fact that I've just done several of these means I should probably be going to bed now.

I'm actually a bit bemused by the concept of gender-specific keywords. Why, for instance, is "around" a masculine word? "Above"? And why are "not," "should", & "was" feminine?

Now, just to prove that I really have way too much time on my hands, I'll gender-test some of my fellow bloggers. Hmm. AD is a man, Matt G is a woman (and that was based off this post, which is about guns, for chrissake). So's JayG. Murphy is a guy, as are Scalpel & LawDog.

Apparently, talking about yourself a wee it too much is a good way to get pegged as a woman. ("We", "me", & "myself" are all feminine keywords.) Sexist, eh?

Initially, I'd intended to go in a totally different direction with this blog post, referencing not only my boobs but my ex-husband's lack of cojones. And then I went all silly. I should not post a blog this time of night, apparently.

Oh well, at least it took my mind off financial aid worries for a while.

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