Friday, August 08, 2008

Well, hell, if we're all doing cat pictures

Never met a bandwagon I didn't want to jump on!

Mark is doing it (though he's got a dog there too); so is LawDog.

Here's my contribution:

His name is Mr B. (He came with it.) He's approximately four years old, and the neediest cat I've ever had. I've been thinking I should rename him Bob; he's that much like my husband.

He is also the most laid-back feline imaginable, and soon to be the fattest. Not only does Miss Linda (who is four) carry him around pretty much constantly, but she and Bobbie also both take handfuls of food to him wherever he may be laying, or failing that will carry him to his food.

His adoption was sealed when he didn't so much as flinch when Esther threw her arms around his neck and kissed his face. According to the SCAT people (no idea what that acronym stands for), he was found abandoned. How could someone abandon a kitty this sweet? He was one of perhaps three adult cats in the adoption area at PetSmart, and the only male, which is probably why he was $35 to adopt (the adult females were $50; the kittens $75, or two for $140).


On the subject of "females who sleep in my bed", this is my contribution:

This is Esther.

This is Linda.

Esther's a full-time bed occupant. Linda wakes up with the dawn and stumbles down the hall into my bed and sleeps the next couple of hours. (She's actually napping on Esther's bed in this photo. Yes, Esther has a bed. She just doesn't see a need to use it.)

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