Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ignore the commercials for Axe body wash, please. That stuff isn't going to make women spontaneously writhe--unless it's convulsions as she's searching for her inhaler.

There was a newspaper article a while back about a middle (or high) school that's seeking to ban body sprays, because apparently adolescent boys are spraying themselves down instead of taking showers.

From what I've been smelling lately, I can believe it.

Men, do us all a favor, and if you're stinky Take a damn shower. Can't believe I need to spell this stuff out, but I can't count the number of times lately I've had someone sit down near me on the bus in his Sunday Morning Goin' to Meeting clothes (OK, his "Friday night I wanna get laid" clothes) and had to move just to breathe.

Way back when my husband bought some Old Spice body spray (the Red Zone stuff, I think) and sprayed it on before leaving for work. It woke me up out of a dead sleep, and I was one storey away from him. When I mentioned it to him, he threw it away.

That is how it should work, unless this is some sort of modern-era club the woman over the head and drag her off to your cave sort of thing. If it is, just remember that she's gonna be pissed when she regains consciousness, and the police frown upon that sort of activity as well.


Anonymous said...

That also goes for women!
I was once trapped in an elevator at work with two women who had bathed in competing perfumes. I couldn't breathe or say anything for fear of a "sexual Harrassment" firing.

Sabra said...

You are right, of course. There is one elderly woman who goes to the McDonald's nearest my house who wears so much perfume I have to either move to the far end of the building or leave altogether just to breathe. I'm very glad I don't have asthma!