Thursday, June 26, 2008

In the "Sabra is way too easily amused" file

Late-night Googling of myself last night (specifically, of Sabra Ellen, my first & middle names), brought this as the first image result:

Way back when, as in "when I was 19", I played Baldur's Gate on a religious basis. This is from Planet Baldur's Gate, which I must have signed up for at some point in time, and is undoubtedly what I was using as an avatar back in the day.

It's undoubtedly lifted from the cover of a Sword & Sorceress novel of some sort.

It's actually a lot funnier to Google just my first name, which comes up with (among a lot of other stuff) the following:


Rex said...

Sabra, saw you posted on finance stuff way back. Just wanted to send this link. It's a guy named Trent who explains things in everyday language, which is a breath of fresh air when it relates to money stuff. He's 29 (I think) and I've been reading him for a while, he's even writing a book. And it's stuff that relates to life and not all economic speak. If you get some time and are interested give it a gander:

Matt G said...

Sabra the second has a pointy bootay.