Thursday, June 05, 2008

Comin' right along.

Got a phone call from my lawyer's secretary earlier in the day. I have an appt at 2pm Tuesday to review the divorce decree before they send it over to Rob's lawyer.

My lawyer, thankfully, is Catholic, and though she undoubtedly deals with many divorce cases, she understands and respects the fact that I am being dragged into this not of my own will. The ECUSA hasn't had an issue with divorce for 30 or 40 years, & while I appreciate most of the progressive nature of my denomination, this is one place where I feel a little adrift from my church. But most Catholics seem to intuitively grasp it.

MattG, in the comments section to my last blog, linked me to his first post. I imagine that sort of optimism can be hard to hang on to for a police officer.

I remember reading a joke years ago that the definition of a pessimist is "someone who looks both ways crossing a one way street." Which I do. But I am an optimist, and that's sometimes a conscious decision. I took German for six years (and managed to forget half of it upon graduation) in junior high & high school, and of course you cannot do that without learning about the Holocaust. Two of my three teachers were German women who were born around the WWII era, and they share an equal determination that such not happen again with Holocaust survivors. At any rate, the point of the paragraph is this: If Anne Frank can go to her death believing in the basic goodness of mankind, I've got no excuses.

But sometimes, it's hard.

My lawyer said to me fairly early on in the process that she believes I'm going to be one of her clients who winds up much better off. (She's in Legal Aid, so she deals with those of us at the bottom rung of the ladder.) I'm working hard to live up to that; I've got three great reasons to.

It's going to be a long road, though.

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