Sunday, May 25, 2008

We are in a state of worldwide economic collapse.

This according to my priest.

I adore Rev. Wickham, unreservedly. He's a wonderful fellow, an excellent preacher, and was really there for me in the early days of the mess with Robert. Seems pretty smart.

In the Episcopal church, seminary is a graduate degree. So he's got a college degree in something. Offhand, I'm guessing it isn't economics.

This ranks right up there with the Sunday the one gal in Bible study likened Barack Obama to Christ.

It's a weird, weird time when the most conservative fellow in the room is, apparently, the ex-Sierra Club honcho.


Robin said...

Pastors and politics just don't mix, eh?

Sabra said...

No, and thankfully this was exactly the second time in, oh, seven years or so someone tried, & it's only my history with said priest that prevented me from running screaming from the room.

John B said...

Is Barry going to return 3 days after he loses the election?

Sorry Dear! just couldn't resist!