Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can't talk; cuddling children.

This is a short update because the library (only place I have access right now) isn't really set up for families when it comes to using the computer.

The hearing has been put off yet again, but Judge Noll doesn't play the whole "kids can't see mama" bullshit thing. So right now we have 50/50 custody. I have them this week & Rob next, save we swap for 3 hours on Thursdays. It's OK. Not great, since there's no permanent orders yet, but OK. I had to be sure to take them to church yesterday to show them off, and had to take them back again today to show one of the volunteers. They'll be going Sunday too, of course. I could not have done this without the help of the good people at St Mark's.

There has been lots of cuddling & hugging and attempts to nurse going on. My youngest is determined to get some milk out of me through sheer willpower.

I'm elated to have something good to post.

The following message is brought to you by my daughters:

ynvvcvcvcvck v n zzxcvvr hnekg/ ltlt;;y't
t\xt]t[ ytpti2ytxittttttt8s-


Mark said...

Give them hugs from me and my brood :)

SpeakerTweaker said...

Hang on to 'em tight. You're gonna need all the recharge you can muster.

Just know that you got folks you can muster to your aide should you need it.


Matt G said...

It's good that you see the good part.