Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Candidate Calculator

Candidate Calculator.

Pretty interesting stuff. You pick where you stand on an issue & its importance to you, & it matches you with Presidential candidates. Any of them, apparently, including a couple I've never heard of and one I'd forgotten all about.

My only complaint? Though it gives a top pick and percentage (in my case, Mitt Romney with 86.67%--dreadfully hard to find a candidate who supports gay marriage and isn't all for illegal immigration), it doesn't explain why. Perhaps a brief rundown of policy stats would be a good thing. Even in my "high importance" issues, there are some that outweigh others, so it'd be helpful to have some more info there.

I do have to say that while I don't find Mitt Romney exactly thrilling, he is my favorite of those who seem to be the GOP top three these days--Romney, Guiliani, & Thompson (who really shouldn't be a front-runner when he's not actually running). I've already faced the fact that I'll probably have to hold my nose & vote for a Yankee this time around, 'cause it seems the only Southerner who's running is that greasy twit John Edwards. (Who, coincidentally, was at the bottom of the list for me, with 8.89%.)

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